Babylonian Astronomy:

The theory proposed on this site is based on Babylonian astronomical concepts. Here are two links to learn more about this ancient system of astronomy.​​

Babylonian astronomy at

An Introduction to the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries: Download Here

The Babylonian Astronomical Diary Archive (most of the still existing observational daily/monthly material):   (Keep following the hyperlinks and arrows – you eventually get to the docs. There are several hundred pages here.)

Access a site about Babylonian astronomy at 


Articles for Download

Most of these articles are taken from material in the book, The Lion Led the Way. Several of the texts are in the appendices of the book. Some passages are taken from the main text.

Reading Matthew 2 verse 9:

How to read Matthew 2:9 while thinking of the star as a heavenly sign, not as a directional guide: (Download PDF)


The nomination of Herod as king of Judaea in 39 BC through the death of Herod in 1 BC: (Download PDF – Lion Led the Way – chapter 4)

Knowledge and the Ancient Past: (Download PDF Lion Led the Way – Appendix 11)

Questions surrounding Josephus and Herod the Great: (Download PDF – Lion_Led_the_Way_Appendices_12-13.)

Coins and the Dating of Roman Governorships 27 BC to AD 17: (Download PDF – Lion_Led_the_Way_Appendix_20)


Does the “Gospel in the Stars” theory help us? (Download PDF – Lion_Led_the_Way_Appendix_2)

Reliability of the Gospel Texts:

Dating the Gospels: (Download PDF – Lion_Led_the_Way_Appendix_1)

The Schürer Consensus and Raymond Brown: (Download PDF – Lion_Led_the_Way_Appendix_14)