Dwight Hutchison has done a series about various aspects of the Star story.

The entire series of 13 videos (four hours of teaching/info) can be accessed on the YouTube channel: MUL.BABBAR : The Star of Bethlehem. at this address:

The first video in a series about the Star of Bethlehem gives a general introduction (Length: 6:50). The “Star” theory presented here is based on the research and writings of Dwight Hutchison.

Topics covered in the videos:

Introduction (6:50)
Who were the Magi? (11:12)
Various Questions (4:42)
The Astronomy of the Magi (25:05)
A Star Candidate (17:10)
Dating the Star (18:05)
The Key Heavenly Signs (25:05)
Additional Heavenly Signs (21:55)
The Star Goes on Before (32:15)
Incident at Bethlehem (24:31)
Daniel’s 70 “Sevens/Weeks Prophecy” and the Star (three videos – over an hour)